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Why Youth MOVE?

  • It’s a peer to peer relationship with young people sharing the same experiences, trauma, successes and challenges in life through the like minded work and activities carried out together in voice although apart in miles. Youth M.O.V.E. Houston
  • Youth M.O.V.E. Seminole is a part of Youth M.O.V.E. National because it provides an excellent support system of people and groups from around the country to gain assistance from, collaborate with, and grow with.
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Dare to Dream America Round 5 (2012) Winners

Congratulations to:

Tidal WAVE Youth Leadership Association

Stepping on Stigma Walk-a-Thon

This event will feature personal stories, speakers, and an information fair centered around reducing stigma and youth empowerment.  There will be food, a DJ, free prizes, and other valuable resources.  This will also serve as a fundraiser for Tidal WAVE.


Youth MOVE North Carolina

Emotional Support Dogs

This project will raise awareness about the use of emotional support dogs as an alternative to traditional treatment for mental health challenges.  YM NC will present information about emotional support dogs to various groups of youth, adults, professionals, and advocates in the mental health field.


Active Minds at University of California, San Diego

Speak Up, Reach Out

Integrated mental health awareness, education and advocacy campaign centered around an art contest and exhibition.  There will be 7 activities that will adress community, stigma, MH education, that MH is universal and affects us all, and that people are not defined by their MH diagnosis


Active Minds at Maryland

Pinwheels for Prevention

1,100: the number of college students who lose their lives to suicide each year. 1,100 pinwheels will be placed in the center of campus to raise awareness about this issue. There will also be an information table set up with educational materials and resources.


Youth MOVE Alabama

ABCs (Anti Bullying Campaigns) In Schools

The goal is to implement an Anti-Bullying Campaign that will change the bullying policies in schools all over the State of Alabama. They will gather information and stories from youth and families about how the current bullying policy is not effective in protecting victims of bullying in schools and develop recommendations. They will meet with the State Superintendent of Education to share their recommendations and advocate for a change in policy.


Fundación Nuestra Mente

No Estas Solo (You Are Not Alone)

An audiovisual project aimed to educate parents, youth and adolescents about mental health awareness, how to overcome stigma and  how to achieve wellness and recovery. Youth will utilize personal stories, professional support, facts and other resources to create a 25 minute documentary in Spanish that can be spread across Social Media and used in presentations to raise mental health support. The documentary will also be subtitled in English to increase the targeted audience.


Active Minds: Wayland Baptist University Chapter

'Fight Against Date Rape'

Cookout Event will bring awareness to the college community about date rape, how to prevent it, and how to seek help if it happens.  It will be in the form of a social event with food and information.


Long Island Families Together (LIFT)

C'mon Girls, We'll Support You!

The youth of LIFT will hand out journals to high schools in NY with an insert that will reach out to girls and promote mental health awareness.  They would like to diversify their focus group by getting more females to participate. They will also increase mental health awareness in public schools in the process.


Youth MOVE Massachusetts

The Stigma in Schools Project

Youth will create presentations for Massachusetts public schools and present them to students, teachers and other school professionals. The presentations will educate people on mental health challenges and ways to end stigma in schools, which could ultimately help youth with a mental health diagnosis feel more comfortable and stay in school.


Active Minds at Anna Maria College

Discovering the Dynamics of Depression: 3D

Artistic display of many aspects of depression through large sculpture and paint.  They will be collaborating with the art department to engage a new demographic of students.  Poject will engage and inform the college community about depression and help reduce stigma.


Western Mass Young Adult Alliance

Resources for the Rest of Us

This project will find out how many resources youth in the mental health community are aware of, use, have access to and how helpful they are. This will be done through the creation of a survey that will be given to transition aged youth. The results will be compiled into a report and presented at a conference for the Department of Mental Health services (DMH), youth and providers.


Active Minds: University of Memphis Chapter

Get Equipped!

Using artistic modalities, including mime and different music genres, they will not only educate University of Memphis students about the signs and symptoms of depression, but community-based sources as well. This project will incorporate several artists and musicians who have experienced and faced challenges living with depression.


Wraparound Orange (Orlando, FL)

The YES Effect

This project will invite, inform, and engage youth to take charge of their future.  YES will be presenting to middle and high schools in Orange County on bullying, depression, and bipolar disorder from a youth perspective. They will be modeling the domino effect in hopes that each student will share what they learned with one of their peers.


Anxiety In Teens

The 'Girls Overcome Anxiety' Weekend

This will provide a safe space for adolescent girls to let go of embarrassment and confusion and connect with others who are dealing with similar issues.  The event will empower, educate, and reduce stigma.  There will be peer to peer talking circles, physical activities and speakers.


Youth MOVE Jacksonville

Arts for Advocacy: Children's Mental Health

An upscale event that will use art to advocate for children's mental health. The event will have CEOs of community organizations and non-profits, community members and the news present. Community leaders and members will gain the opportunity to network with each other. There will be silent auctions where people can bid on the art that youth created. They will also feature art from local painters who will donate a portion of their proceeds to the event. There will be performances by  members of Youth MOVE Jacksonville. These youth with also share their experiences with the mental health system.

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