The National Young Leaders Network or NYLN consists of youth leaders and advocates who have passion and experience to provoke positive change within youth serving social systems utilizing authentic youth voice.  The young people nominated and accepted into the NYLN will be offered opportunities to share their voices of experience at the national level.  Opportunities may include participation in national speaking engagements and work groups, research studies, educational opportunities, and the chance to join our delegate and consultant communities.

Youth MOVE National is frequently asked to provide youth voice and authority to other national organizations.  To continue to provide the national voice of youth we need to ensure we have an expanded pool of diverse youth voice from our Youth MOVE Chapter network.  We represent this collective youth voice to many other organizations and systems across the country.

Materials and resources developed by Youth MOVE National are meant to be used for and by young people.  We strive to create youth friendly and appropriate materials.  One way we ensure this happens is to include youth voice in all levels of our work.  We will look towards the NYLN to provide an important part of youth voice for our work.

We expect to continually expand the opportunities for the Young Leaders Network to share your voices of experience and expertise.  This network will be one way Youth MOVE National ensures that youth voice is authentically represented throughout our work.  We look forward to working with the diverse pool of nominees we will meet from this process.

To nominate a Young Leader (or to self nominate) please use this form and submit to




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