The Youth M.O.V.E. National Board of Directors consists of Youth Advocates and Advocates for Youth from across the country. Our Board of Directors represents a diverse group of individuals who, together, bring a diverse background into the organization. Each member is selected by the current board through a nomination/application process. 


Current Board of Directors


Joshua Calarino - Miami, FL

Chair of Executive Committee; Membership Committee, Policy Committee, Youth Peer Support Committee

Vice President

Cynthia Harris - Lincoln, NE


Chair of Membership Committee; Executive Committee


Michelle Vance - Salt Lake City, UT

Chair of Finance Committee; Executive Committee; Youth Peer Support Committee


 Linda Gokee-Rindal - Saco, ME

Chair of Resource and Development; Executive Committee; Policy Committee; Youth Peer Support Committee




Anna Claire Lowder - Nashville, TN 

Committees: Finance and Policy

Brittany Holt - Asheville, NC

Committees: Resource Development and Policy

Ciara Kahn - Maimi, FL 

Committees: Resource Development and Youth Peer Support

Damie Jackson-Diop - Jamestown, NC 

Committees: Resource Development and Youth Peer Support

David McClung - Austin, TX 

Committees: Finance and Policy

Jeremy Long - Alexandria, VA 

Committees: Resource Development

Justine Castaneda - Broward, FL 

Committees: Membership and Youth Peer Support

Kippi Clausen - Denver, CO

Committees: Finance, Policy, and Youth Peer Support

Noelle Harper - Jonesboro, AR 

Committees: Resource Development, Policy, and Youth Peer Support

Tyrus Curtis - Brooklyn, NY

Committees: Membership

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