Dare to Dream America Application - Talent Show

Youth ~ John Dellago
Mentor ~ Joseph Pepe (Social Worker)
Organization ~ Pederson-King Center

A project involving the production of an amateur talent show created, directed, and performed by youth in order to share young peoples talents no matter ability or experience of mental illness. 


Dare to Dream America Application - Family in Crisis

Youth ~ Shalemar Thompson
Mentor ~ Stanley Croughter (Outreach Coordinator)

Organization ~ Family Support Organization of Hunterdon, Somerset, and Warren Counties
A skit about a family in crisis when a youth experiences a mental health challenge – covering the experience from the start to the end consequences including effects felt by siblings.


Dare to Dream America Application - Picture of My Life

Youth ~ Amber Smith
Mentor  ~ Katie Van Dorn (Youth Coordinator)
Organization ~ Impact, Ingham County System of Care

Personal scrapbooks created by each youth in the group as well as one group scrapbook for IMPACT group; scrapbooks will be used to showcase the group’s work as well as roles each individual plays.


Dare to Dream America Application - Moving in the Right Direction

Youth ~ Obadiah Payton
Mentor ~ C. Veree Jenkins (Executive Director)
Organization ~ Federation of Families of Palm Beach, Inc.

A conference entitled “Moving in the Right Direction” which will focus on educational resources, job skills training, life skills, personal health, youth leadership and advocacy for youth ages 14-23 in order to better prepare them in the transition between childhood and adulthood.


Dare to Dream America Application - Youth Photovoice

Youth ~ Chelsey Bivens
Mentor ~ Jenah Cason (Youth Outreach Coordinator)
Organization ~ Federation of Families South Carolina

Providing responsible youth with cameras, thus enabling them to take and share photographs that help display the way in which they see the world.  Youth in this project will analyze the local environment through photography and then depict the effect on society of mental health issues and how in turn society affects those you suffer from mental health issues.


Dare to Dream America Application - Minds Know No Limits: Campaign for Children’s Mental Health

Youth ~ Clara Bergan
Mentor  ~ Johanna Bergan (Youth Advocate)
Organization ~ Winneshiek/Allamakee County CPC Office

An ad campaign focused around Children’s Mental Health Awareness day which attempts to raise awareness of common mental health issues and provide knowledge of local resources available for help with mental health.


Dare to Dream America Application - Independence: Building Supports for Transition

Youth ~ Megan Laney
Mentor  ~ Jenny Laney (Director)
Organization ~ Mental Health Association of Erie County, Inc.

Bimonthly meetings held for three months at which discussion and supports will be presented on issues of importance to transitioning age youth including job/vocational training opportunities, personal care, housing options, positive supports, GED/college preparation, etc.


Dare to Dream America Application - Glenn County Youth Recognition Ceremony & Youth MOVE-a-thon

Youth ~ N.E.X.T. Youth Group
Mentor  ~ Cindy Ross (Youth Coordinator)
Organization ~ Glenn County Health Services, Systems of Care

Recognition ceremony for youth who have made positive change in community around youth voice and advocacy.  One day event (Youth MOVE-a-thon) in which participants find sponsers to participate in physical activities, the event will also include regional information booths, art exhibits, musicians, and refreshments.


Dare to Dream America Application - Individual Membership

Youth ~ Youth M.O.V.E. National
Mentor  ~ Carl Yonder (Director)
Organization ~ Youth M.O.V.E. National

Provides 100 youth individual memberships to youth around the country at no cost, while also allowing these and other current members to receive quarterly newsletters and updates.


Dare to Dream America Application - Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Activities

Youth ~ Youth M.O.V.E. National
Mentor  ~ Carl Yonder
Organization ~ Youth M.O.V.E. National

Awareness raising slogan along with promotional items will be dispersed around the country via chapters, board members, and partnership campaigns in order to present a solid Youth M.O.V.E. message regarding mental health.

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